Standing Order


Date: 25-28 November 2016
Venue: Neusiedl am See (Republic of Austria)

1. Mandatory information for delegates

You need to provide the following information:  

1. Registration form in the prescribed form.

2. Scan of the first page of the passport, by which there will make the trip (format: pdf / jpg).

3. Information: date and time of arrival/departure, flight number, train, including a wagon, vehicle.

4. For accreditation:

- Name of department, service, organization and occupied position at work (fully);

-  Head of delegation / delegates / members of the delegation.

5. Information on reservations for accommodation in the official hotel of the Conference (single, double, twin).

6. You must submit an application no later than November 01, 2016 if there is a necessity in a translator.

This information will be used by the organizers of the Conference for the meeting and departure, hotel reservation, production of accreditation badges and other issues.

2. Registration of participants

The participants of the Conference provide the confirmation letter about participation in the event, registration form and other information (in accordance with paragraph 1) no later than 05 October, 2016 in two addresses (paragraph 9).

3. Official hotel of accommodation

Official Hotel «Hotel Wende 4*».
Location: Seestraße 40, Neusiedl am See 7100, Republic of Austria.

4. Accommodation cost

Accommodation cost (excluding the exchange rate during staying):
- Single room 100 € Euro;
- Double room 90 € Euro per person

5. Accreditation and registration

Accreditation and registration will organize in the «Hotel Wende 4*» 26 November 2016 from 15.00 (according to local time).

6. Transport

The participants will be provided with transport during the official period of staying.

7. Meal

The participants of the Conference during the official period of the event will be provided with food in the «Hotel Wende 4*».

8. Financial documentation

The financial documentation on accommodation is provided by the Administration of the Hotel.
Business trip documention for certification must be submitted in day of accreditation and registration.

9. Contacts

- The Executive Committee of the International Sport Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers:

Tel: +7 (915) 205-40-72

- The Organizers:
Wolfgang Prutscher (Vice-president of the International Sport Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers from the Republic of Austria):

Tel.: + 7 9859984335; + 436643104906