Project of the Regulation Sport and Disciplinary Commission


Sport and Disciplinary Commission Noncommercial Partnership
"International Sport Federation of firefighters and rescuers»


1.1. Noncommercial Partnership "International Sport Federation of firefighters and rescuers" (the Federation), which owns the rights to host official international competitions in Fire and Rescue sport is governed by the Charter of the Federation, the competition of Fire and Rescue (Fire-Applied) sport and Regulations of the competition Fire and Rescue sport, regulations, decisions and other normative acts of the Conference , committees and commissions of the Federation.

1.2. This Statement of Sports and Disciplinary Commission (hereinafter - SDK or the Commission) is an internal document of the Federation.

1.3. Regulations about SDK - the main document that governs the legal relationship between the members of the Federation, as well as establish a measure of disciplinary responsibility and is designed for control and disciplinary functions.

1.4. The Commission - the main organ that examines, analyzes and decides on all matters of a disciplinary purposes, which fall under the concept of "violation".

1.5. The Commission reviews and assesses the situation and / or events that occur in the course of events associated with disciplinary offenses on the part of competitors: managers, representatives, coaches, medical staff, sports teams, athletes, judges and other interested persons participating in the technical or sporting World Championships events (hereinafter - Participants of the Championship).

1.6. The main task of the Commission is to control and review of all cases of misconduct or sports ethics within the World Championship.

1.7. The Commission is free to initiate consideration of cases against the Championship Participants who have committed acts regarded as a serious breach, on the basis of photo, video and (or) written requests and apply sanctions.

1.8. The Commission carries out its functions independently.


2.1. To promote strict enforcement of the Rules of the competition in of Fire and Rescue (Fire-Applied) sport competition regulations in Fire and Rescue sport provisions of the World Championships and other regulations by all participants of the Federation Championship.

2.2. Resolve disputes and conflicts arising between the participants of the championship, to hear appeals, petitions and proposals.

2.3. Promote the improvement of the moral and ethical situation and the effective implementation of the rights and obligations of participants of the championship.

2.4. Strengthening the sports disciplinary and sports corporate ethics Federation to ensure a high level of sports competition.

2.5. Identification of disciplinary action and responsibility for violations committed by participants of the championship.

2.6. Overlay Championship participants disciplinary action within its jurisdiction.

2.7. Consideration of other issues on behalf of the Ground Jury of the world championship.


3.1. SDK is formed of persons with appropriate professional qualifications and experience in carrying out of competitions on fire-rescue sport. Composition of the Commission approved by a decision taken at a joint meeting of the Ground Jury and team World Championship.

3.2. The Commission may be recommended by the representatives of member countries, observer countries, the host country and other officials involved in the composition of the Ground Jury, sports, technical and disciplinary anti-doping committee, and persons declared as part of the national delegation of the sports world championship.

3.3. Composition of the Commission not more than five (5) members: the chairman, secretary and members of the Commission who are officials of the competition.
Chairman of the Commission:
- organizes the work of the Commission and shall be personally responsible for the timely and proper solution to the challenges facing the Commission;
- convene and chair meetings of SDK ;
signs the minutes of meetings, resolutions or decisions of the Commission;
- secretary of the Commission shall maintain records reflecting the work of the Commission.

3.4. SDK Meetings are held as needed, and (or) when you receive the written request of the applicant, where there has been a violation of the merit consideration in SDK and fall within the competence of the Commission.

3.5. When voting decisions taken by a simple majority of those present at the meeting, and the vote of the chairman of SDK, at equality of votes, the casting vote.

3.6. Member of the Commission in case of disagreement with the decision taken by majority vote, may submit a separate opinion in writing, which is attached to the minutes of the meeting.

3.7. Following the voting members of the Commission decision is made and communicated to the interested parties.

3.8. Complaints, appeals, statements and preparation of the conclusions is happening to their submission to the Commission.

3.9. The Commission has the right to work with other committees when considering the appeal of the applicant.

3.10. Applications are sent to the Commission in written form and be sure to include a description of the violation, do not contradict the regulations, rules, regulations Fire and Rescue (Applied), sports and other normative documents of the Federation.

3.11. SDK has the right to demand that the offender (s), or a representative of an explanation in writing to the terms of the competition. No representation, within the prescribed period, explanatory notes is not an obstacle for the decision (judgment) SDK.

3.12. Any person against whom proceedings have the right to attend the meeting of the Commission to provide an explanation, refer to the evidence presented their arguments.

3.13. If necessary, the Commission may order the person against whom the proceedings, to attend the meeting, notifying the applicant.

3.14. The absence at the meeting of the Commission the person against whom the proceedings does not affect the legality of the decision.

3.15. In considering the appeal, the Commission is entitled to:
- competition videos, photos and videos;
- the official protocol events, reports and explanatory notes directly involved in this situation and / or event;
- other materials that allow more fully establish the cause of the incident and the situation under consideration and / or events.

3.16. At the meeting, the Commission shall consider:
- protests in personal and (or) individual and team sports disciplines of the competition results (in case of disagreement with the earlier decision);
- complaints of unqualified or biased refereeing;
- the case of allegations of serious violations of the rules, regulations and provisions;
- appeals against decisions of the Ground Jury, illegal actions of Committees of the Federation (STK, ADK);
- undisciplined and rude behavior during the competition.


4.1. The sanctions apply to:
- to the athletes mentioned in the application for participation in the World Championship in Fire and Rescue sport national sports team (the team);
- to coach the team;
- to the officials and other persons specified in the registration card (request) member countries the World Championship;
- to the judicial apparatus, technical personnel and other persons during the competition for sports disciplines Fire and Rescue sport;
- to the fans who came to the event to support the national sports team of the country.

4.2. The sanctions that can be imposed by the Commission:
- a warning;
- rebuke;
- penalty time or ball points;
- disqualification;
- suspension - deprivation of the opportunity to participate in competitions or other events organized by the Federation;
- additional penalties - loss of the right to vote, the loss of rank or awards, transfer of materials in violation of the decision of the Conference.

4.3. Contingent and deferred sentence:
All sanctions, in particular warnings and reprimands, probation may be imposed or suspended:
- a conditional sentence - a punishment that will not be used to punish the person, if it is over a certain period does not commit other violations;
- postponement of the punishment - the punishment, the entry by virtue of which is deferred until a certain time. If similar or even more serious violation will be committed during the prescribed period, deferred or contingent automatically removed.

4.4. Disciplinary offenses and penalties applicable to athletes.
Disciplinary offenses and penalties applicable to athletes participating in the competitions:
- not for output or being late for the start of the team - a time penalty;
- competition for sports discipline stopped (the judge's decision) because of the undisciplined behavior of the athletes of the teams - a reprimand;
- for offensive gestures or obscene language against a partner, opponent, referee team, member (representative) of committees and commissions, spectators, officials - warning;
- for an act of violence against opponents, spectators, members of his team - a reprimand;
- for intentionally rude behavior of an injury, hit the opponent (push the go-ahead) during or after the competition - suspension;
- for drinking alcohol by competitors in the territory of the competition and not to smoke in designated locations - warning;
- for the provocative actions of competitors, which caused riots in the stadium - a reprimand;
- is unethical, improper, unsporting behavior of athletes - prevention;
- threats, intimidation or aggressive behavior of the athlete in relation to the panel of judges and other persons serving the competition, representatives, members of the committees and commissions of the Federation rivals, audiences (decision SDK);
- other actions that can be qualified by the Commission as a "violation" (decision SDK).

4.5. Disciplinary offenses and penalties applicable to officials.
Disciplinary offenses and penalties applicable to officials representing the interests of the teams in the competition and have been registered:
- for offensive gestures or obscene language against a partner, opponent, referee team, member (representative) of committees and commissions, spectators, officials - warning, at repeated infringement - a reprimand;
- for the provocative actions that have caused riots in the stadium suspension perpetrator;
- for unethical, improper, unsporting behavior and notice messages perpetrator;
- for the attempted bribery or bribery of judges, members of (representatives of) the committees and commissions of the championship, with the aim of influencing the outcome of the competition - a reprimand;
- for the provision of direct or indirect impact on the judges, members of (representatives of) the committees and commissions of the Championship, in order to influence the outcome - a warning;
- for misconduct teams fans (fans violation of public order) - warning, removal;
- not timely notification and provision of information about the participants of the championship any changes to the program of activities for the period of stay and (or) the competition Participants of the Championship - warning;
- threats, intimidation or aggressive behavior and official accompanying persons Teams with respect to the panel of judges, representatives and members of commissions and committees of the Federation, opponents, spectators - a reprimand;
- in the case of repeated violation within one sports season - suspension;
- in the case of a third violation within one sports season - additional punishment;
- a statement of the information which hurt the honor, dignity and business reputation of the representatives of the Federation, athletes, coaches, officials and accompanying persons, teams, judges, and others - a warning;
- for the participation of a competitor who is not entitled to act in the world championship - a reprimand;
- other actions that can be qualified by the Commission as a "violation".


5.1. The Commission may make a decision: to cancel, modify, suspend or uphold the adopted or proposal made by third parties on the measures of disciplinary sanctions.

5.2. Members of the Commission are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and non-proliferation of information obtained in the course of SDK, in accordance with the applicable legislation and internal documents of the Federation.

5.3. The Commission shall monitor the implementation of resolutions and sanctions imposed.

5.4. The results of the meeting of SDK in the protocol must include:
- the date, place and time of the meeting (tabulation);
- members of SDK and invited persons present at the meeting;
- information about the presence of a quorum of the meeting;
- the agenda of the meeting;
- issues put to the vote and voting results;
- if necessary - a summary of the statements of persons participating in the meeting;
- adopted resolutions and / or decisions.

5.5. Minutes of the meeting of the Commission at the meeting signed by the chairman and secretary of SDK.
Written opinions of the members of the Commission shall be attached to the minutes of the meetings of SDK. Member of the Commission in case of disagreement with the decision (decision), adopted by a majority vote, may submit a separate opinion in writing, which is attached to the minutes of the meeting.

5.6. The Commission considers only motivated protests and / or complaints. Appeals and complaints are motivated if they are made in the form of a written application in free form to the Chairman of SDK and contain:
- surname, first name (for individuals) or full name of the organization, indicating the name of the applicant (for legal entities);
- the subject of appeals or complaints (an indication of the appealed action or protest time);
- an indication of the participants of the championship, whose actions are appealed by the applicant;
- the application copies of supporting documents, links to documents and videos;
- appeal protests and / or complaints have not been signed by the applicant or illegible handwriting will not be considered.

5.7. In considering the appeal, protest and / or complaints, the Commission has the right to invite to its meetings persons who have submitted an appeal, appeal and / or protest, as well as participants of the Championship, for which sanctions may be imposed. The absence at the meeting of the Commission invited parties or their authorized representatives is not grounds for postponement or denial of considering, provided timely notification of these persons about the date, place and time of consideration.

5.8. In case of disputes on the submissions, the Commission may request the persons who have submitted an appeal or protest and / or appeal and participants of the Championship, for which conducted the proceedings of the irregularities, the additional necessary for the decision (judgment) materials.

5.9. If the parties refuse to cooperate, and other ways to obtain the required information is not available, the Commission may make a decision (ruling) on the case on the basis of the material in its possession.

5.10. The decision (ruling) on the application of sanctions, the Commission shall inform the applicant of the issuance related to it, as well as the face, which made the corresponding decision. In this case, persons shall be deemed duly notified of the penalties imposed.

5.11. Decision (judgment) and related materials in each case stored in the Executive Committee of the Federation, at least one year after expiration.


Every person to whom disciplinary sanctions, related to the internal conflict situations in the period of the competition has the right to a single appeal. The appeal is available in the following order.

6.1. Member (s) of the Championship, disagrees with the decision (decree) of the Commission may appeal to the Organizing Committee of the tournament, the championship of the inspector or direct the Conference ISFFR the purpose of the appeal of the decision (judgment).

6.2. The appeal shall be made in writing free-form and shall contain:
- surname, first name (for individuals) or full name (for legal entities) and information for feedback, namely;
- information about the place of residence or, if the applicant is an organization, its location, phone number, fax number and email address;
- the subject and justification of the appeal and to submit additional materials on the case (if any).

6.3. The materials discussed earlier in this violation, the Commission has placed at the disposal of the official person in whose name the appeal is directed.

6.4. The decision on the results of the appeal made by the majority of votes in the joint presence of the members of the Commission and shall come into force upon its adoption and shall be final.

6.5. Not allowed decisions on appeals by absentee ballot.