XV International Conference

The International sport federation of Firefighters and Rescuers

Date: 17 – 21 November, 2014

Venue: Saint-Petersburg (the Russian Federation)

November 17 (Monday)

                              Arrival and meeting of the participants of the Conference

                              Accommodation of the participants of the Conference in the hotel

09.00-18.00          Registration of the participants (delegates) and guests of the Conference

                             Accreditation of the participants

                             Issuance of the information materials

17.00-18.00          Internal organizational meeting on the preparation and conduct of the Conference

                             (the organizers of the Conference)

                             The meeting of the Sport and Technical Committee.

November 18 (Tuesday)

07.00-09.00          Breakfast

                             Arrival at the venue of the Conference (Conference Room)

10.00-10.15         Opening ceremony of the Conference.

10.15-11.30         Plenary session (on the agenda)

11.30-12.00         Break

12.00-13.30         Plenary session (on the agenda)

13.30-15.00         Lunch

15.00-17.00         Plenary session (on the agenda)

17.00-17.30         Break

17.30-18.30         Plenary session (on the agenda)

                            Summing up the first day of the Conference

18.30-20.00        Free time

20.00-23.00        Official Dinner

November 19 (Wednesday)

07.00-09.00        Breakfast

                           Arrival at the venue of the Conference (Conference Room)

09.30-11.30        Second day of the meeting

                           Plenary session (on the agenda)

11.30-12.00        Break

12.00-13.30        Plenary session (on the agenda)

13.30-14.30        Lunch

15.00-16.00       Summing up of the Conference.

                          Closing ceremony of the Conference

                          Visiting historical and architectural attractions in St. Petersburg

19.00- 21.00      Dinner

November 20 (Thursday)

07.00-09.00        Breakfast

09.30                  Departure from the place of accommodation

10.00-11.30        Visiting places of XI World Championship in Fire and Rescue Sport

11.30-13.30        Cultural and business program on a separate plan of the organizers

14.00-15.30        Lunch

16.00                  Departure to the place of accommodation

November 21 (Friday)

                           Departure the participants of the Conference