The Regulations of the Conference

RULES of procedure
XV International conference of the International sports 
Federation of firefighters and rescue workers 

Date of event: 17-21. November 2014
Venue: G. St. Petersburg (Russian Federation)

1. Binding information for the provision of delegates

You need to supply the following information:
1. Application form in the specified Form.
2. Scan the first page of the passport, in which they performed the journey (Format: pdf / jpg).
3. Information: date and time of arrival/departure, number of the flight, trains, including Auto, motor vehicles.
4. For accreditation:
Office, service, organization, and Position (full);
- the head of the Delegation/ delegate(s)/ member of the Delegation (please specify).
5. Registration information on the booking(s)for placement in the official Hotel of the participants (single, double, twin).
6. For the use of interpreters you want to apply, no later than 5. November 2014.
These data will be used by the organizers of the conference for the encounter and departure, booking, production аккредитационных beydzhey and the solution of other organizational issues.

2. Registration of the participants

Country-participant of the conference, the confirmation of participation, the registration form and other information (referred to in section 1) in the period up to 5. November 2014.

3. Official Hotel Stay

State complex "Palais des Congrès" Hotel "Baltic Star".
Address: Russian Federation, was St. Petersburg, Strelna, birch Allee 3, Web-site:

4. The periods of your stay in the Hotel

From 17 to 21. November 2014, the cost of the accommodation to$ 100 (one hundred) US dollars per day and participant.

5. Accreditation and registration

Accreditation and Check-in will be organized in the "Baltic Star" 17. November 2014, with the time from 09.00 o'clock till 18.00 o'clock.

6. Vehicle Software

The participants of the conference is Transport Service in the course of the official duration of the stay.
In addition, the service de Transport, which will be available, by prior arrangement only.

7. Food

The participants of the conference during the official period of the implementation of the event is organised by the power supply.

8. Financial Documentation

Financial records for the accommodation please use the Hotel in advance.
Travel map for representations to be the day of the accreditation and reception.

9. Contacts

International Sports Federation, the fire brigade and the ambulance service,
Tel/Fax: + 7 (495) 784-75-22, e-mail:,