The International Sport Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers
XVII International Conference

XVII International Conference

From 25 to 28 November 2016 in Neusiedl am See (Republic of Austria) took place the XVII International Conference of the International Sport Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers.

At the conference there was discussed state and development of the sports activity of the International Sport Federation of Firefighters and Rescuers, further international cooperation, organization and holding the World Championships in Fire and Rescue sport in 2017.

The heads of the Fire and Rescue services , associations and federations of the Fire and Rescue sport of 15 countries took part in the International Conference.

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Preliminary program



Resolution № 1 "On implementation of the Plan of major sports activities of the Federation in 2016 international activities and the prospects of its development"

Resolution № 2 "Report about carry out of the World Championship and working the Ground Jury"

Resolution № 3 "About carry out of an international competition for the Cup "Friendship" and the prize "Golden ground attack"

Resolution № 4 "About carry out XXIX International Competition on fire-applied sports of memory firefighters heroes of Chernobyl"

Resolution № 5 "About the organization, conduct and results of the doping test athletes of the XII World Championship among men and III World Championship among women"

Resolution № 6 "Report of the Sport-Technical Committee in 2016"

Resolution № 7 "About qualification training the judicial system and conduct educational seminars"

Resolution № 8 "Approval of World records and high sports achievements (results) among men, women, boys, juniors, girls, juniors"

Resolution № 9 "About assignment of sports ranks "International Judge" Fire-Rescue Sport"

Resolution № 10 "About the financial-economic activity for 2015"

Resolution № 11 "On Approval of the sports and Disciplinary Commission"

Resolution № 12 "On the plan of major sports events for 2017 and future plans for the period of 2017-2020 years"

Resolution № 13 "On approval of the regulations of the world championship among men and women in 2017"

Resolution № 14 "About approval of the principal panel of referees of World championship 2017"

Resolution № 15 "Approval dimensions of contributions for 2017 and terms of payment"





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